A New Six Week Startup

I’m starting work on my next Six-Week Startup. Any entrepreneurial friends want to come play? We’ll delving into the world of AI-driven copywriting informed by customer feedback:

Customer Feedback + AI-Enhanced Personalization + Data Insights + Buyer Personas

In a Six-Week Startup, we assemble a team of 3-5 individuals to rapidly test, develop, and validate a new business idea. Our journey is organized into six weekly sprints. Each week starts with a planning session to define objectives, and by Friday, we present our work to real prospects or clients for genuine market feedback.

The aim goes beyond merely developing a product idea; we actively launch it into the market to gain immediate, real feedback from (ideally) paying customers.

Targeting a May 15th kickoff, I’m together the team now.

Customer Voice, Amplified by AI

My vision for this six-week sprint is to develop an AI-driven software platform specifically tailored for direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses. This platform will harness customer feedback from various sources, including surveys, interviews, and reviews, to automatically generate buyer personas, sales copy, landing pages, email sequences, social ads, and a continually expanding library of on-demand marketing resources.

The magic in this approach lies in its exclusive focus on what existing customers have to say. By building an understanding of a company’s products and brand solely based on customer feedback, without considering the company’s internal vision or market positioning, we create a customer-centric focus. Over the past year, as I’ve developed and tested prototypes of this process within my existing businesses, I’ve been amazed by the clarity and insight that emerges from making customer listening a priority.

I envision an engine that can supercharge businesses through a virtuous cycle. Customer feedback is continually fed into the engine, which then converts this feedback into valuable business intelligence and marketing resources. This, in turn, fuels the next level of customer acquisition, creating a self-sustaining loop that drives growth and success.

Six-Week Schedule.

Week Monday Friday
1 May 15 May 19
2 May 22 May 26
3 May 29 June 2
4 June 5 June 9
5 June 12 June 16
6 June 19 June 23