Behind-the-scenes business partner for innovators in AI and online content creators.

Over the past decade, I’ve been the behind-the-scenes driving force for countless successful course creators and online content businesses. I’m now channeling my skills into the adventurous world of AI, launching fresh projects and tools every week.

I co-founded the online learning platform CreativeLive, was a partner in building Sue Bryce Education, and was a partner in KaisaFit Productions and Just Move.

I volunteer as the Board Chair for the Seattle EO Accelerator program. In this role, I help business owners with $250k+ businesses break the $1M+ barrier by providing mentorship, guidance, and support.

I’ve been fortunate to have attracted skilled teams and partners, devising innovative strategies to foster online communities and captivate large livestream audiences. Looking ahead to the next decade, I’m building a platform to help entrepreneurs and content creators incorporate the new AI tools that are changing how online businesses can be built.

Today, I run a personal startup studio where we build and launch a new AI project every week. If you are building something exciting, or are an educator with a significant audience, let’s connect. I love helping creators, educators, and entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses around their┬ádreams.

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