Sue Bryce Education

Sue Bryce is one of the most prolific and powerful creators I’ve had the pleasure of working with, demonstrating remarkable talent as an artist and teacher.

Sue launched the first version of her membership platform in 2015. In 2016, George, Aaron, and I joined forces with Sue to launch the second version of the platform and began scaling Sue Bryce Education (SBE) to new heights.

The six years I spent building and growing SBE with Sue, George, and Aaron were among the most challenging, creative, and rewarding experiences of my professional life. We served over 28,000 members from around the globe through the SBE platform, witnessing the life-changing impact it had on photographers who may not have otherwise connected.

In 2022, Sue Bryce Education was acquired by Emerald Holding, one of the largest trade show and conference operators in the United States.