Pitch for Joint EO/EOA Workshop Series at Northern Trust

Last week we hosted a Half-Day Sales Training Workshop led with James Alberson. That was a pilot for a series of regular half-day workshops. Based on the success of that event, we’d like to expand this workshop series to all of EO as well as EOA. If Northern Trust is interested in letting EO use their space, we’d like to make this a part of our EO Learning strategy for the coming year.

My goal is to create a pattern that people can get used to:

  • Consistent Schedule (example: every 3rd Wednesday of the month)
  • Consistent Venue (Northern Trust is giving EO access to their space)
  • Consistent Marketing (social proof videos + stories to drive awareness and attendance)

Originally, I’d planned this as an EOA workshop series, but last week EO members outnumbered EOA participants 3-to-1.

The video promo at the top of this page is a concept to the promotion I’d like to push to EO members. It’s not public anywhere yet. It’s the type of a social-proof video I’d like to use to promote this workshops series.

Northern Trust is a SAP, and has tentatively expressed interest in letting us reserve the 3rd Thursday of the month to host these workshops. I’m highlight Northern Trust’s support in the promo video in part to emphasis the value to them in committing to letting us use this space.