Accelerate Your Business Growth

Step Back From Your Businesses

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Diane Helbig had me on as a guest for her Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast for a discussion around the challenges small business owners face growing a small business that revolves around themselves.

“I started my small business in 1988 when I was 18. I dropped out of my first year of college and started a small business in the IT space, helping design agencies with computers. And I spent 20+ years in that business growing through different phases.

“I made it above $250,000 in annual revenue by the year 2000, and after that, I bumped around that size for a long time. Even while I was saying I wanted more and saying I wanted to grow, I settled into this plateau, and was stuck there for years.

“I was standing my own way. And it wasn’t until I started to make shifts in my own mindset that the tactics that I’d studied intellectually started to actually work.”