Weekly Startup 04 – Book Coach

This week’s AI project draws inspiration from Seattle EO Accelerator, an entrepreneurial coaching program that I am honored to chair. Every member in the Accelerator program gets a copy of the book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, and I wanted to create an interactive tool that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to apply the information […]

Weekly Startup 03 – The Wine Shop Advisor

This week’s prototype draws inspiration from my sister’s wine shop on Whidbey Island. Utilizing her existing wine inventory, prices, and information about the Greenbank Farm, I developed a wine recommendation tool linked to her store’s inventory and pricing. ➡️ wineshopadvisor.com Feel free to ask an open-ended question, like suggesting a pairing with an upcoming meal, […]

Weekly Startup 02 – AI “Flashlight Apps”

Each week I’m learning by launching a new AI-enabled web application, product, or startup. This week we start with three straightforward single-page apps that utilize OpenAI prompts: CocktailGenius.com — Let me mix you a drink. NextBookClub.com — Let me suggest your next read. MadameZephyra.com — Let me tell you your future. All three apps are […]