Weekly Startup 04 – Book Coach

This week’s AI project draws inspiration from Seattle EO Accelerator, an entrepreneurial coaching program that I am honored to chair.

Every member in the Accelerator program gets a copy of the book Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, and I wanted to create an interactive tool that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to apply the information from this book to business challenges they are facing.

➡️ bookcoach.ai

Explore its capabilities with an open-ended question, like asking for insights into a particular growth strategy, or clarifying a concept about organizational development.

There is a single book in this prototype, but I see the potential of Book Coach if it were scaled up to include an entire library of the best business books available today.

Things to Improve:

  • We need user testing and feedback to dial-in the way the AI responds.
  • We’re using the simple prompt interface from my earlier apps, and it could look more inviting.
  • Moving to a chat-style interface would allow follow-up questions and more nuanced answers.
  • Specifically for EOA members, I’d like to include handouts and forms from the quarterly learning days.

Ideas to Explore:

  • Build a library of business books and expand to provide wider feedback and suggestions.
  • Explore a range of business models that could work for this concept.
  • Explore partnerships with authors and publishers for possible collaborations.
  • Integrate other content, such as podcasts, webinars, or industry reports, to enrich the learning resources.

My Takeaway: Our first vector database semantic search.

This project helped us overcome a significant technical hurdle – building out our first searchable vector database. The backend tools, allowing us to quickly answer questions from a 400-page book, will be incorporated into many of the weekly launches in the coming weeks.

We’re building a toolkit of resources that make these weekly AI product launches possible. This Vector Search module is now something we can use again and again in future weeks.

It’s possible the tools that we’re building to make these weekly AI-product launches possible may end up being one of the most valuable parts of what we’re building.