Weekly Startup 03 – The Wine Shop Advisor

This week’s prototype draws inspiration from my sister’s wine shop on Whidbey Island. Utilizing her existing wine inventory, prices, and information about the Greenbank Farm, I developed a wine recommendation tool linked to her store’s inventory and pricing.

➡️ wineshopadvisor.com

Feel free to ask an open-ended question, like suggesting a pairing with an upcoming meal, or advice for a gift or event. It’s quite remarkable!

Things to Improve:

  • The current recommendation load time exceeds 60 seconds, which is too slow for practical use.
  • Tie this into live inventory (for this case we could use the Square API).
  • Provide suggested questions to encourage engagement.
  • Let store owners identify special promotions and sales.

Ideas to Explore:

  • Could this be developed into a Shopify tool for wine sellers?
  • Add an interactive wine pairing tool for online recipe sites.
  • Partner with a top wine influencer as visionary for this market.

My Takeaway: Personalized data enhances the leverage AI can provide.

This is the first weekly sprint that feels like it holds the seeds of a commercial product. Technically the back-end is the same as last week’s book recommendation or horoscope generator. But tying in inventory and price data from the wine shop makes these recomendations a lot more useful.

Tapping into an existing business’s private data enables these new AI tools to act as multipliers for existing business models.