Podcast Co-Host Wanted

This is a selfie from 2015 with updated text in Photoshop. I was starting a new venture, and I turned my morning run around Green Lake into a micro-recruiting opportunity for future technical co-founders. It started off as a joke about the team we needed to attract for 2016 — and we decided to play with the idea.

To kick off 2023, I’m taking a tip from my younger self and being bold about telling the world who I’m looking to attract next.

I’m looking for a Podcast Co-Host to help me share stories, strategies, and mistakes I’ve experienced in the last 15 years of building online education platforms. I’m nearing the $100M mark in my career of creating and selling online digital products. Before that odometer clicks over to the next digit, I’d like to work on my own platform to share what I’ve learned.

I’m a believer in public acts of learning. So I’m posting this first on my own low-traffic blog, where I’m going ask some friends to help me clarify what I’m looking for. Then when I’ve rewritten this post a few times with a clearer description of who I’m looking to attract, I suspect I’m going to start being a lot more public in my outreach.