Weekly Startup 01 – Ideaizer

This week marks the kickoff for the Weekly AI Startup Sprint. For better or worse, I’m committing to launching a new AI app, product, or startup every week from here on out.

What I’m witnessing today with AI is one of the most significant industry-impacting events I’ve seen in my career. I’m moving into “public learning mode,” embracing and sharing what I discover about what digital business building is going to become in this new world.

Our first super-simple web app, Ideaizer, is now live. Ideaizer provides a straightforward functionality: you type in your idea in a field at the top, and the app creates an “ideaized” version, summarizing it as an AI-enhanced web app. This is simple, but it is exactly the tool I wanted to support me in building one of my classic 101+ ideas list. Personally, I’ve been using Ideaizer all week and loving it. I’ve got a list of 53 “ideaized” concepts already!

We used Ideaizer to test three different potential tech stacks:

A significant challenge we faced was time-out errors when making calls to the OpenAI API across these platforms. I’d originally included a tech stack roadmap in the resulting “ideaized” summary, but I had to remove it due to these time-out errors. This led us to explore OpenAI’s streaming completions feature as a potential workaround.

Goals for the upcoming week include:

  • Releasing our next app using OpenAI’s streaming completion feature for more complex and engaging prompt requests.
  • Brainstorming with a friend to scope out a comprehensive customer feedback system.
  • Investigating Google Bard, Google’s newly released beta AI platform.
  • Establishing a consistent rhythm and system for these weekly updates.

I invite you to follow along and join us in our journey as we continue to innovate in the rapidly evolving world of AI startups!

PS. I’m having AI do all the writing of this weekly update, and I’m functioning as the editor. But it will be me replying in the comments if you say hi and post something.