The Shrimp Tank Podcast Seattle

The Future of Digital Business

The Shrimp Tank

“I am definitely a creator. I need to create, I need to be inventing things. And if I only have one company, a single company cannot consume the amount of creation that I need in my life. And so for me, having side businesses is a way of protecting my core business from being changed constantly because of my needs as an owner.

“And honestly, when, when I’m coaching small business owners in the EO Accelerator program, one of the biggest challenges I see are owners forcing their business to take their total creative output even when that business doesn’t need it. What that business really needs is to be stabilized, have a simple product and structure that can grow instead.

“Business owners are constantly trying to shove all of themselves into a single entity. And, especially if they are a creator type, that one entity generally should not receive all of their creative capacity.”

Huge thanks to Dan Weedin and Michelle Bomberger for inviting me be part of the Shrimp Tank podcast. It was a great experience, talking about what it takes to grow digital product businesses, as well as coaching fellow business owners in the EO Accelerator program. (Original air date: January 7, 2022)