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What's Next?

What’s Next?

I’ve been thinking about the next ten years and what I want to do with my time. What should I be building? Over the last 10 years, I’ve helped a lot of creators and educators build digital product businesses in various industries. For the next 10 years, I want to continue doing that but on an even larger scale.

So that’s the what. And that “what” hasn’t changed much in the last decade.

The underlying emotional question that has kept me stalled for much of the last year is about who I want to show up as over the coming decade.

I believe that for me to have the impact I want to have over the coming decade, I need to be more visible. And to share what I have to share, I need to learn to have a more public voice.

And that’s scary.

Historically I’ve kept myself safe by positioning myself as the secret weapon.

I’ve loved being the hidden mechanic behind the scenes, architecting our company’s growth engine. I take pride that only those “in the know” really get who I am, and what I’ve built. And I prefer to let other people be the public-facing brand.

I’ll be honest, being the secret weapon, the power behind the scenes, is a lot more comfortable place for me.

Which brings me to this first post.

In the coming year, I want to work on sharing more publicly.

I’m writing this to take the first step in my journey to being more public facing. Every journey starts with a first step. Here’s mine.