Podcast Co-Host Wanted

This is a selfie from 2015 with updated text in Photoshop. I was starting a new venture, and I turned my morning run around Green Lake into a micro-recruiting opportunity for future technical co-founders. It started off as a joke about the team we needed to attract for 2016 — and we decided to play […]

Mixergy – Startup Stories

The Mixergy podcast was one of the first tech business podcasts I followed. And I love how Andrew Warner pushes below the surface for a deeper understanding of how startups work and doesn’t accept pat answers. In this conversation with Andrew Warner, we returned to the startup days at CreativeLive.

Mastering Your Exit Strategy

In my first two decades as a small business owner, I couldn’t imagine selling my business. And I think, like a lot of small business owners, I felt a small touch of moral superiority over business owners who did sell. In this conversation with Christine Trumbull on her valuable Mastering Your Exit Strategy podcast I […]

Smashing the Plateau

I love talking about sales. I was fortunate to be exposed early in my career to what professional sales looks like. David Shriner-Cahn invited me to discuss my early days in selling IT services on his Smashing the Plateau podcast. “My view of sales was framed by professionals. I was trained with a group of […]

Accelerate Your Business Growth

Diane Helbig had me on as a guest for her Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast for a discussion around the challenges small business owners face growing a small business that revolves around themselves. “I started my small business in 1988 when I was 18. I dropped out of my first year of college and started […]

Join Up Dots

David Ralph had me on as a guest for his Join Up Dots podcast for a free-ranging discussion about entrepreneurship and finding balance and peace in life. “I am perpetually in the space that I love, which is trying to figure out how to take a business that is just on the cusp of figuring […]

What CreativeLive looked like at launch.

Anyone curious what the original CreativeLive website looked like when we launched in April 2010? I was able to bring up an archive of creativeLIVE.com from 2010 through the magic of the Internet Wayback Machine. This takes me back! It’s amazing to see the concepts from this first version that are still baked into so […]

Built to Sell Radio

Sue Bryce and I are guests on John Warrillow’s Built to Sell podcast! I’ve been a fan of John’s for years, and two of his business books Built to Sell, and The Automatic Customer have been at the top of my entrepreneurial recommendation list for years. It’s an entrepreneurial bucket-list moment to have been a […]

Craft Industry Alliance

I really enjoyed talking with Abby Glassenberg on the Craft Industry Alliance podcast about creating digital products and teaching online courses. Abby was an instructor at CreativeLive where she taught a workshop on Email Marketing for Crafters, and it was great going back to the days of CreativeLive with someone who had the personal experience […]

The Know Like & Trust Show

Britney Gardner’s podcast, The Know Like & Trust Show, is a podcast that I can find myself listening to for hours. She’s smart, grounded, and has genuine conversations that go deep into the world of personal branding — from both the business side of tactics and marketing, as well as the personal side of meaning, […]