This Conversation with Jed Taufer

“I have spent my career being the left brain support for right brain professionals. I was the technical support, the business support, the structural support. I was building structural foundations that allow creative professionals to flourish. “So most of my career was spent with graphic designers at agencies, videographers, and photographers. In the early days […]

What Works with Tara McMullin

“I think there is something incredibly powerful about taking action. Claiming something that I want for myself, claiming something I want to learn, claiming something I want to create — and then taking action towards that thing. And discovering the result of that step. And doing that repeatedly over time. It almost doesn’t matter what […]

Studied Entrepreneurship at CreativeLive

Facebook asked recently what school I attended. My answer? I studied entrepreneurship at the school of CreativeLive. Today, I’m announcing that I am graduating from CreativeLive to pursue the next chapter in my entrepreneurial journey. It has been the greatest honor of my life to share the past 7 years building this place with you. […]

Secrets From Silicon Valley Interview

“10 years from now, there’s going to be a new generation of leaders and innovators in the world that are going to share in their common story a moment in time at this place—CreativeLive—watching something that happened here. Now that doesn’t mean that CreativeLive will be around ten years from now. What happens with CreativeLive […]